By: Renske On: november 09, 2016 In: Geen categorie Comments: 0

This is my first RW Choreography BLOG, which is pretty weird, because writing is one of my hobbies. Why now? Because I really wanted to share some of my journey’s last year. I learned so much out of all these travels, new cultures, new dancing styles…WOW. The latest experience was in China Hangzhou and Hongkong during my business trip and I made a video, that makes this a VLOG actually, WHOOPS, Vlogging it is, so you guys can really feel the vibe 🙂 Hope you will enjoy it. Ps. it’s not a professional video, so please don’t judge 😉

After our visit to Hangzhou Costume Factory, I ordered 6 costumes, which are specially made for our Chinese show in december. After this show, my bvlog will be continued 🙂


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