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The purpose of a runway walk is to show off the clothing, so runway choreographers always want to choreograph a routine that shows all aspects of the design while also making the Model look as comfortable and happy as possible. This event took place on the beach of ZANDVOORT (VOOGES), and to do a runwayshow on the sand is quite difficult. Models are used to walk on high heels, not on bare feet. But anyway, I think they did great. They all did a very “beachy” kind of walk. And I loved it.

RUNWAY/Catwalk show: You also need to pay attention to the music and theme of the show, as these affect aspects like the speed of the walk and the style it takes on. In this aspect I worked with a great team: Helen (YAYA) and our DJ. The music, the atmosphere (beach), clothing YAYA, the models, the choreography it all felt like ONE!